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The Team

Raw Power Games is looking for a variety of talent to join our existing team of passionate, industry veterans at the start of our exciting journey. Offering a unique opportunity to have a key impact at such an early stage is very rare, you truly have the chance to be part of something very special.


Relying on more than 300 years of combined industry experience we aim to make Raw Power Games a leading studio, with a big emphasis on nurturing the culture and environment so that everyone can focus on what they love. On average our employees have more than 10 years of experience.

Our team has experience working on singleplayer, multiplayer & MMO. We have shipped titles for for console, PC and mobile. Some of the series and titles we have helped ship include The Witcher 3,  Total War series, Assassin's Creed series, Hitman series, Crysis 3, Conan Exiles and many more…


We believe this puts us in a fantastic position to utilize our passion and industry know-how to collaborate on creating something truly amazing. 

Titles our employees have worked on

Disclaimer: Raw Power Games have not released the above games and do not own the rights to the IPs.

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