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Projects & Technology

We prefer to take a long-term perspective and have planned out a portfolio of three games. Each game will build on and reuse features from the previous game(s). Our first game is an open world sandbox game set in a familiar historical setting but with a twist. The target platform is Windows PC with console versions to follow later.


We are building our technology on top of UE5 and are planning best-in-class mod support. During our careers we have been constantly amazed by the creativity and passion of modders. Some of our developers are modders themselves and we want to foster and support a healthy mod community for our games.


We have a strong focus on procedural content generation and AI. We aim to build 90-95% of the game world procedurally, using existing tech such as Houdini and rolling our own where there is no existing tech. In addition we are investigating AI-generation of dialogue, side-quests, concept art and much more.


We believe that now is the time where AI will disrupt game creation, and being a new company without a legacy tech stack we can fully utilize this and become market leaders.

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